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  • Course Timeframes

    Course completion will depend upon your availability to progressively work through the content. It is possible to start making income within 6 weeks. Our short courses take between 4-6 hours each.

  • Work Availability

    This is a very busy industry to be working in. People are always looking for work and need the competitive edge that a qualified Resume Writer can provide.

  • Certification

    Certification as a Resume Writer is not required. There are a number of US-based options available. For more information visit our Certification page from the menu above.

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Writing Resumes with Results

Do you want to learn how to write quality resumes for others so you can give them success?

This course will take you from the initial client enquiry through to the first draft and the finishing touches

Crucial Consultations

Complete this mini course to start your journey towards a successful resume writing business

Learn how to conduct the most critical element of writing resumes - the initial client consultation

A Career To Be Proud Of

A short course designed to help you extract and prepare your client's achievement statements

We all just go to work and do our job, right? Wrong! Learn, explore and use our proven tools and strategies to present your client's career successes

Resume Writer's Success+

Go above and beyond for your clients!

Build the tools necessary to grow your service offering and increase business effectiveness as a resume writer. Learn how to write cover letters and selection criteria that grab a recruiter's attention.

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